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Rocket Plane v2!


Expert Crash-Lander
I've had this idea since the very first rocket plane and I think I've submitted it to FT directly (not through the forms). Anyways my idea is to have some plane (probably a wing) that would have a rocket strapped to the back. How is it different than the first rocket plane? The difference would be in the ignition system. Instead of igniting from the ground, the plane would get airborn under it's own power. Then while flying FPV, the pilot would ignite the rocket motor mid-flight and fly more horizontal. It would be cool to throw a speed sensor onboard too! Reply with thoughts and/or additional suggestions.


Dedicated foam bender
I agree with DDS! Take it up to about 200', pull a little nose up and FIRE! Whoosh!
I'm not sure I'd want to try it level at first, though. Probably best to get away from the ground until you get a feel for how it responds under rocket thrust.