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  1. N

    First quad unexpected acrobatics. (Magic smoke/broken arms)

    Hey guys, Been lurking the forums for a few days, yall have a great community. Flitetest is one of my favorite youtube channels… often catch myself watching flying toasters and insect-like rubber band planes slowly circle around the room when I should be sleeping. (I also want Josh to drop...
  2. N

    Sunnysky's v3508 Motors Opinions?

    Hey all, Has anyone used these motors? http://www.buddyrc.com/sunnysky-v3508-20-580kv.html If you have bought these motors, what props are you using, what is the AUW of your copter? Have you used any other KV ratings of these motors? I currently have a ~1.7kg tricopter on 4S with DT750's...
  3. jamieFL

    Help Understanding Motor Size/KV/Power

    I am building a V-Tail and have almost everything decided/purchased except the motors/props/esc. The weight minus the Naze32 flight controller and OSD module is 430 grams and the average weight of my 2200mah 4S batteries is 250 grams. The booms are currently 11.5 inches long and will be...
  4. P

    motor selection

    Hello, I am tired of my dt750's and I want to upgrade but I can't decide between the sunnysky v2216 8 or 900kv and the Turnigy multistar 2216 800kv. What motor should I chose?