1. Mid7night

    Part Super Murder Hornet - Laser Cut Motor Mount v1

    This is a DXF file that you can use to laser or otherwise CNC cut motor mounts for my Super Murder Hornet! The gaps are designed around using 1/10" or 2.5mm thick wood.
  2. Mid7night

    Part Super Murder Hornet - Printed Motor Mount v1

    This is a simple set of flat parts that you can print to make a motor mount for my "SMH". You'll need two mounts for the plane total.
  3. Mid7night

    Plane Super Murder Hornet! v1

    It's small. It's fast. Have fun!
  4. Matthewdupreez

    FTFC21 - Seaplane Design & Build by Matthew du Preez, Lake Super Buccaneer

    the reason i have chosen this plane is i have always loved the piper comanche and this planes looks like an amazing hydro comanche. plans are in the post below..... the power pod in the plans is incorrect... so please use your own power pod..... scale it down to 50% for a mighty mini. or leave...
  5. Mid7night

    Plane XF-18 Super Hornet - Twin 70mm EDF Jet --

    Wingspan: 41" Length: 59" Power: Twin 70mm EDF (up to 74mm), 4S-6S Control: All-moving Stabilators or Elevons, and (optional) ailerons More details in build thread:
  6. Mid7night

    XF-18 Super Hornet - Twin 70mm EDF Jet - Build Pics & Plans

    FINALLY! I know many have been asking for these plans for a while, and now I've finally got the plans finished (enough) and enough build pics that I think it's time to release them to the wild. First, here are the jet's specs: Wingspan: 41" Length: 59" Power: Twin 70mm EDF (up to 74mm)...
  7. H

    Mini Super Cub

    I recently got the Mini Super Cub from HobbyZone, but I haven't had any chance to fly it yet, which is a pity, need to get back into the hobby. Does anyone else own one? Flight characteristics, anything?