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Mini Super Cub

I recently got the Mini Super Cub from HobbyZone, but I haven't had any chance to fly it yet, which is a pity, need to get back into the hobby. Does anyone else own one? Flight characteristics, anything?
I own one, flies great, doesnt like too much wind! motor shaft bends easily, if it has the ACT, turn it off, will cause more wrecks than you can imagine! Fixes easily with medium cure epoxy and hot glue! If you belly land verses landing gear landing,the battery box will rip loose, again hot glue! Always check the circuit board under the main wing after a crash as it is prone to come loose and the servos are hard mounted to it and if it is loose it wont contol the surfaces correctly again hot glue back into place! Thats about all I can remember, kind of side lined that plane for the Old Fogey, and the FT-22. Its a good little plane though might just fly it tonight!
My friend has 2 and can fly it well in high winds (15mph) though I don't know how. If you are learning I would recommend staying in winds at or below 5mph. One was modded with flaperons but the ailerons wont roll beyond about 80 degrees either way. I flew it once in windy weather and the controls were a bit delayed due to fluidic mechanics of the wind (not electronically).
I got a chance to fly it, and believe it or not, they have updated the ACT in the later models. It restricts too bigger turns, which is handy. I also flew it in around 16mph wind for the maiden, I ended up doing powered flight for initial takeoff, then after about 10 seconds, I chopped and glided on the wind current for the rest of the 1 minute flight.