1. leaded50

    Plane Supermarine High Performance Day Bomber V1

    Supermarine type 178 09 was proposed in late 1931 to forfill the wished planes for UK Military Ministry by same designer as on the Spitfire later. That time most plane used was dualwing planes, with little bomb capacity, and speed. Mitchell by Supermarine made this concept design, with a pretty...
  2. PlanesGuy888

    FTFC20 Spitfire Mk.I designed by PlanesGuy888

    For the FTFC20 build challenge, I decided that I would like to participate this year with an aircraft of my own. I chose the Spitfire Mk.I because it has always been a favorite of mine and I have always loved the look. This Spitfire is not going to be a normal FT Spitfire though. It has been...