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  1. rcwingman

    Cheapest Shipping international letter with tracking number from US to Sweden

    Hello, What are the prices for a 100g international letter including trackingnumber from US to Sweden? Size should be 20x15x2cm. Anybody knows that? From Sweden to US its 5,60 Euro for priority mail including tracking number
  2. R

    Our Favorite Swede

    Any chance of funding David to do some shorts or FVP flights? I know he isn't in the States and does't have access to StoneCap equipment, but Sweden must have comparable production companies that would be interested in working with Flite Test. He is a fun and knowledgeable host and FliteTest...
  3. Enigma

    Boeing V-22 Osprey - David Windestål

    After watching the Flite Test YouTube videos on David's Tri-Rotor I noticed he complained about the speed of the design in being able to keep up with fixed wing aircraft and I thought the Boeing V-22 Osprey would be able to bridge the gap between fixed wing and multi-rotor. The full-scale design...
  4. C

    Arttech Parkflyer with a GoPro

    My first post, and my first video. I was bored during the easter holidays, so I bought a 3-ch Arttech Parkflyer and strapped my GoPro Hero3 on it. I added some Billy Idol to the video for extra-funness!! Happy Viewing! http://youtu.be/WlL1YrK-Y7s /Joshi