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Cheapest Shipping international letter with tracking number from US to Sweden


being Ghetto since 2016

What are the prices for a 100g international letter including trackingnumber from US to Sweden?

Size should be 20x15x2cm.

Anybody knows that?

From Sweden to US its 5,60 Euro for priority mail including tracking number
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First-Class Mail® International Large Envelope**

Value of contents can not exceed $400.00
Max. length 15", height 12" or thickness 3/4"
Varies by destination
Not available

heres what I got, I did large envelope just cause of the thickness.
Just to check I went back and tried just a regular envelope and it was the same price


being Ghetto since 2016
thank you very much.

seams like the shipping back is not more expensive than to the us.
i wonder how high the shipping for the chinese people for that size and weight is.
there are a lot of 1$ electronic articles including shipping on ebay.

very funny..

thanks again:applause: