swept wing

  1. L Edge

    Prandtl Wing, X-47B Rudderless Wing, Flying Wing, Non-Swept Wing Version (offshoot of Prandtl)

    When I investigated the X-47B, yaw was a problem. Turned to researching the Prandtl Wing to see how they resolved the issue. That would ruin the design(extending) but began to understand the issues to deal with the longitudinal and lateral stability of not having a rudder. So, came up with...
  2. L Edge

    FLYING WING 2 new tools to enjoy flying in the wind

    Don't know about you, but most days the wind blows at my flying spots. With a swept wing and only elevons, this means trouble. Crosswinds and gusts are trouble from the time you launch to the time you try to land it, Most wings need a large arena and height because of poor stability. So I...
  3. R

    Scratch Build Spectre Big Boom

    This is an overview of a Spectre pusher made from foam board and a variety of other materials using tips and techniques I have learned from Flitetest and beyond. Enjoy.