1. N

    Aerial photography through a snowy hometown.

    I hope you like my latest work which I made to showcase some of the beauty when snow falls on my hometown and surrounding area. Cheers!
  2. J

    Best RC Components to Start with?

    Hello :D This is my first post on this site! First of all thanks to the flitetest team, you do a really really great job on this. To my question. I try to find some good components for the pod, mentioned in the exchangable series. You may say now i'm an idiot and i should watch the video...
  3. N

    Alte Spinnerei / Old fabric mill.

    Hi All, I wanted to share a video I made a while back with a phantom (which is now dead) and my gopro 3 black with tarot 2d Gimbal. I have since built a hex as the phantom was just too small to lift the weight efficiently. The building stopped in 1980 and was built in 1810, the most amazing...
  4. R

    Evening FPV flight at the Léman Lake with a diy quadcopter

    Hello folks, here is an evening FPV flight on a diy quadcopter at the Léman lake in Switzerland. Enjoy
  5. D

    FPV in Switzerland

    Hey guys. I wanted to show off a bit of the beautifull switzerland through my fpv vids. Enjoy :D
  6. Starssadar

    Foam board in France - DEPRON

    Hi I live in Geneva, Switzerland and was desperate to find cheap foam board. I finally found some near the border in France. I thougt it might be useful for all people living in France: you can find 6mm Depron at Leroy-Merlin...