Best RC Components to Start with?


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Hello :D

This is my first post on this site!

First of all thanks to the flitetest team, you do a really really great job on this.

To my question.
I try to find some good components for the pod, mentioned in the exchangable series. You may say now i'm an idiot and i should watch the video description ;) well i'm from switzerland, so i think i can't ship those components or this component pack (I don't wanna build the versa wing but you can put them in the other planes right?). So I'm new to the community of flying rc planes, wich means I don't have a big know-how about wich specs etc. my plane sould have. The components i already have are: a DX4 controller, a fried reciever with built in esc (you can't seem to tell the motor anything, but connection and all the rest works), some sort of brushed motor (2 cables) with 2 gears for making the propeller go slower i think, some servos and cables. So what i need is a battery, probably a good motor, a reciever and a esc. Hope that's all.

The big problem now is that i live in switzerland, and i have not the biggest budget as i'm a student. I have access to servos, cables, and a probably still flyable plane out of foam. (

So i could actually buy all the components i need from this side, they may deliver to switzerland, but money and pollution and stuff. I could also just build my own plane with the pod, and cut out a hole in the foamplane to just fit it in. I think that's a better idea.

So in conclusion: Is anybody from switzerland or europe, wich could help me getting the needed parts, wich are compatible?

Thank you very much for reading this much too long post ;) And sorry again, i'm a newbie so i don't want to waste money on parts wich at the end don't fit or explode. :applause:

Greetz from Switzerland! :cool:


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Hey, Joschi - welcome to the forum :).

You'll need a prop and motor combination that works for your model. Even though it is called "swappable", the planes have different characteristics that require a little different setup sometimes. Usually people suggest two versions: a small and a "beefy" one with more power.

If you've found the right motor/prop the decision for an ESC is easy. You need one that can handle the load (in A that is). I don't know about the DX4, but there should be a standalone receiver that you can use for the combined one.

Servos usually are small "9g" ones that all of the shops have.

So what do you want to build? Or do you want to get your Super Cub LP back in the air first? :)


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Thanks for the Answers :D

So i just found out that Hobbyking has a Europe Warehouse, so they could deliver to switzerland without that much delivery fee. I looked up a good setup for the versa wing, at first i just want to get one setup, a rather beefy one.

i'd sure love to get the Super Cup back in the air but i think it's better to build a exchangable pod and just mount it in there ;)

so here's my hobbyking wishlist

any advice or different parts?

When you have a decent motor you can just change the prop if you want less power for a smaller plane?

And thanks you so much for just helping me here for free!!

Thanks :cool:

p.s. Ein Deutscher? ^^