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  1. GuardianVex

    Help! Quadcopter Unarm or unresponsive after Short Takeoff

    My quadcopter is Eachine QX95 , Reciever is X6B and the transmitter is FS I6 . I am facing a problem ,where when I throttle , the drone make a brief takeoff and then just lands and gets unarmed automatically and I had to arm again and again and again and all I am getting is a short 5-10 cm...
  2. IMG_20210613_210939304_BURST013~3.jpg


  3. S

    Sky Surfer Dolly

    Hello, I have a Sky Surfer that I like to fly, but was interested to see if anyone could offer up some tips on how to build a dolly/trolley for takeoff. I'd like to make something similar to what the Me162 Komet uses: using just a pair of 3" DuBro wheels. Simple. Found this - not quite...
  4. G

    Baby Blender Help Needed

    Hey guys, just built a baby blender with the recommended components (Turnigy plush 25amp, NTM 1200kv, 3s 2200mah 8x4 prop) And I just can't get it to take off. It seems to me like it does not have enough power or my plane is too heavy. Do you think that an 8x4 prop is too small. Is there any...