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I have a Sky Surfer that I like to fly, but was interested to see if anyone could offer up some tips on how to build a dolly/trolley for takeoff. I'd like to make something similar to what the Me162 Komet uses:


using just a pair of 3" DuBro wheels. Simple.

Found this - not quite sure if I need that size/design to achieve my modest intentions.
launch dolly mk 2 mod 1 1.jpg


Thanks in advance.


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There is a simple way to make a dolly using FB and possibly a little ply or similar reinforcing for the axle.

Just build a "U" shaped frame for the fuselage to sit an and make the front and rear sides of the channel to reach up in front of the wing LE and the Horizontal stabiliser LE. Gravity keeps the plane on the dolly and engine thrust keeps the plane against the side stoppers until take off.

The wire for the undercarriage is mounted on the aforementioned plywood and the plywood is just taped to the bottom of the trolley so that the wheels are forward to the CG. But not too close to the CG or the plane might "Trip over" if the wheels suddenly get snagged on a tuft of grass or similar.

With nothing to hold the plane in the trolley except gravity, when the plane takes of the dolly is just left on the ground. Remember where it is because you do not really want to hit the dolly on landing.

The same very basic design can be made or altered into a steerable dolly, either taildragger or tricycle, by the fitting of a steerable wheel and servo connected via a quick disconnect servo extension lead.

I hope this helps! I used mine for a funfighter Spitfire which had no rudder and therefore required a steerable tail wheel. The dolly outlasted the model, (actually the spit is still in repair:rolleyes:).

Have fun!
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