1. MarkPrima

    Help! Junior Telemaster - landing gear dimensions?

    I'm just finishing up my scratch built Junior Telemaster (Outer Zone) and I think I've made the landing gear too small. Would anyone have the dimensions for a landing gear for the Junior Tele? I may "wing it" (pun intended) and come up with my own design but if anyone has built a landing gear...
  2. PlaneAddicted

    Mini Telemaster Build

    My 15 year old son has been working on a Mini Telemaster for his first balsa build. He has been doing all of the work with a little help in interpenetrating the instructions(text only, no pictures). It started out a little rough with two left fuselage sides, but after that everything has gone...
  3. E

    Senior Telemaster Electric Conversion

    Hello All, I have an old Senior Telemaster that my Dad, Brother, and I build over twenty years ago. I learned to fly powered R/C aircraft using this plane. It has been in storage for about 10 years I was thinking about a summer project of bringing it out of retirement and converting it to...