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  1. R

    Testing the new Aikon Electronics 4 in 1 esc! FPV freestyle

    Aikon Electronics send me the new 4 in 1 esc/pdb. It has an 5v and 12v power regulator and is capable of running Dshot600!
  2. S

    Continuity Test on Kiss ESCs (unsure)

    After soldering 4 Kiss ESCs for a Alien 5 inch I decided it would be a good idea to test that there was not a short between positive and negative to be on the safe side. I hooked the multimeter up negative to the com and positive to the positive terminal and set it to buzzer. Touching the two...
  3. G

    Testing Explorer before maiden flight

    I have just about finished the FT Explorer -- my first RC build ever -- and am looking forward to taking it to the RC park for its maiden flight (and mine). Before I do, I'd like to know whether there's anything I can do to make sure there are no aerodynamic surprises before launching it. In...
  4. A

    Air Tunnel

    For most of us an air tunnel would not be used very often and would be too big to store (probably), but for flitetest who make lots of designs and modifications, it seems like a useful item to have. 1 or 2 large fans in a housing, preferably a transparent housing (or camera inside), speed...