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Air Tunnel

For most of us an air tunnel would not be used very often and would be too big to store (probably), but for flitetest who make lots of designs and modifications, it seems like a useful item to have. 1 or 2 large fans in a housing, preferably a transparent housing (or camera inside), speed controllers on the fan, someway of teathering the plane to stop in flying away, soft (foam) base.


creator of virtual planes
I have to agree with Thurmond. It would be nice to quickly make adjustments and to measure lift and drag. But how much lift and drag that is actually created doesn't matter much in RC planes. And you can't really test out stalls and rolls and flying characteristics in an air tunnel.
it'd be cool to have a wind tunnel, but my thinking is that wind tunnels are usually made for model aircraft of full sized ones, where as flitetest makes model aircraft... so their wind tunnel is just taking it for a flight.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
or they could make a REALLLLLY tiny model-of-the-model and put it in a paper towel tube.

Drive it with a blow dryer?