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  1. S

    Tiled Build Plans Setup Hints and Tips

    Hey everyone, I know that the build plans can sometimes be a pain especially putting together the tiled builds. Some of us don't have a 40 inch printer to print the full scale planes. I've done tiled plan builds a few times, getting them lined up exactly perfect is a task on its own. But with...
  2. S

    Tiled Plans not lining up

    Hi everyone Bought myself some foam today for my first build. Downloaded and printed the FT Flyer tiled plans but i cannot get all the parts to line up. Anybody else had this issue? anybody have a solution?
  3. Mik3

    How to print the tiled plans

    Hey guys, I have done a search and can't find if I am correct in assuming that I can print the FT Racer Tiled Plans as is without specifying some option settings for my printer? If so - do I just cut the overlapped paper margin off and tape together in the order it shows and cut my foam using...