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  1. Snarls

    Titan Advanced High Capacity Lithium Ion Batteries

    Hey guys. If you've ever seen MyGeekShow with Trent, you may know that he used NCR18650B lithium ion batteries in his wings. His packs had 75% more capacity than lipos for the same weight, but unfortunately were expensive and hard to make. Today he released a video introducing Titan batteries...
  2. C

    Titan Tricopter - RTF - Plus a lot of extras

    I'm selling a 100% ready to fly (RTF) Titan Tricopter plus a lot of extras. This tri is a very clean build and a blast to fly...controls are locked in and stable. Here is what's on the tricopter build: ($450) -TITAN Tricopter Frame (booms have been reinforced with wooden dowels) -kk2.1.5...
  3. IamNabil

    The FT Community picked a wing for my next plane. Here is what I ordered:

    Well, the votes came in, and the FliteTest community narrowly picked a wing over a SPAD stick. Not wanting to disappoint, I ordered a Titan from Crash Test Hobby, and the NTM 3530 Motor/ESC/Prop Combo from Plane Insane RC. I made a point to order both from CONUS companies so I wouldn't have to...