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Titan Tricopter - RTF - Plus a lot of extras

I'm selling a 100% ready to fly (RTF) Titan Tricopter plus a lot of extras. This tri is a very clean build and a blast to fly...controls are locked in and stable.

Here is what's on the tricopter build: ($450)
-TITAN Tricopter Frame (booms have been reinforced with wooden dowels)
-kk2.1.5 Board (flashed with Steveis firmware)
-Servo is a HiTech HS-5085MG (metal gear / Digital Micro)
-3x Motors SunnySky 2213 980kv (black)
-3x HK 30A UBEC ESC's (flashed with SimonK firmware)
-Spectrum AR6100e DSM2 Receiver
-Props are 10 x 4.5 inch
-Extra set of landing gear
-2 Extra "TITAN" top cover plates (black)
-Transmitter: Spektrum DX6i
-Extra props (12)

-2x Lipo batteries (Zippy 3 cell 3700mah) and (Turnigy 3 cell 3000mah)
-2x KK2.1.5 boards
-3x HK 30A UBEC ESC's
-1x SunnySky 2213 980kv (black)
-1 large prop balancer
-1 small prop balancer
-Ascend Battery charger
-Servo tester

Location is Charleston, SC

Photo Nov 22, 7 22 22 PM.jpg Photo Jan 11, 3 52 27 PM.jpg Photo Jan 11, 3 45 03 PM.jpg Photo Nov 22, 7 00 47 PM.jpg Photo Nov 22, 7 01 14 PM.jpg


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