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  1. F-14 Tomcat preview 2.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview 2.PNG

    Nose and canopy needs some work
  2. F-14 Tomcat preview.PNG

    F-14 Tomcat preview.PNG

    Progress update on the cad-model
  3. Matagami Designs

    FT Style F-14 Tomcat

    Hi all, I have recently gotten into the hobby and realized how enjoyable it is to build. With that being said i wanted to take it to the next level and design my own version of a Flite Test style F-14. I have a background in engineering and access to Solidworks CAD program so i have spent a...
  4. Zephyr1

    F-14 Tomcat - Twin 70mm EDFs

    This is a project I've been thinking about doing for a couple of months now. I wanted to make it as scale as possible by making the wings variable in sweep. To do this, I am going to use a beefy FT glider release servo. Preferably a three position switch. There will not be any landing gear. My...