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  1. jajefan

    The Complete FT Scratchbuild Index

    Introducing: The Complete FT Scratchbuild Index Description: Introducing my way of organizing FT planes: The FT Scratchbuild Index (in alphabetical order!), complete with information about every plane including its Power Pack and electronics designations, "swappability", and a column for...
  2. O

    Gps tracking quadcopter (grad project)

    Help Gps tracking quadcopter (grad project) Hi everyone I am new to these issues so I have few questions about my grad project. Let me describe it for you. we are asked to build an X type quadcopter that tracks a gps signal on a person and follows he/she in front of him/her (like lily drone)...
  3. L

    DX6 Head Tracking Pan AND Tilt procedure setup

    First Person View (FPV) has been a huge technological advancement and is within reach of the community today. I've been fascinated with FPV (coming from the real cockpit) for quite some time and it's awesome to have the 'in the cockpit' experience of your model. What's better than 'straight...
  4. Z

    Free RC Aircraft tracking service using Mobile Phone

    Hey guys One day I thought, hmmm, I have these old mobile phones lying around, why can't I use them to track my hexcopter? So I created the free service on http://dronetrack.org It's still relatively new and growing but has already helped a few pilots recover their craft from ... unexpected...