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Free RC Aircraft tracking service using Mobile Phone


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Hey guys

One day I thought, hmmm, I have these old mobile phones lying around, why can't I use them to track my hexcopter?

So I created the free service on http://dronetrack.org

It's still relatively new and growing but has already helped a few pilots recover their craft from ... unexpected deviations to the flight plan :D

I put an old mobile into a ziploc bag and strapped it to my hexcopter, and tracked it online from another mobile via the site.
It differs from other trackers because you can trigger alarms remotely, even if your craft is out of RC range. You can activate a flashing screen, a few sounds, and get notifications if other craft are flying in your area. I'm adding a tracking arrow next so you can see the relative direction from the map.

Got any suggestions? Would love to grow this into the ultimate tracking tool for RC pilots.
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;) Hehe, yeah, for a little park flyer, but for a DJI hexcopter 90g extra is not noticeable.

I've just added some major airports to the tracking map, and the proximity alert is working great.
Virtual Air Traffic Control! DroneTrack is getting use from all over the world.

Here's what you see flying in Cape Town, the airports are clearly marked.