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trainer planes

  1. nobledeed

    N Sport - A Tiny Trainer Mod

    With plenty of time on my hands, I finished up a tiny trainer mod I thought others might like. I based the design on the the tiny trainer sport wing set-up. I wanted to create a fuselage that looked a little more scale than the original. To finish the airframe, I fashioned a skin for the...
  2. A

    insight from a newbie(never flown rc before)... or a review for the Super Cub DSM

    let me start out by saying I love flight. I have a computer setup for MS flight simulator that has taken years to put together. However it was missing something for me.I want that opportunity to fly around outdoors enjoy real weather and maybe when i am better join a flying club or something...
  3. S

    Top Gun Simpli E-ZEE Trainer

    I bought this a while ago as a replacement airframe for my super Cub LP. http://robotbirds.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=29_32&products_id=5691 After finding it the other day I was going to sell it, but I used an RC sim to remind me of how much fun the Super Cub was and want one all over...
  4. SleeppingWolf

    First plane decision: Teksumo or DeltaRay?

    Hi i'm just starting out, and was trying to decide on whether to get the RTF delta ray or the ARF teksumo wich i could upgrade/modify when i'm ready. (no way am i thinking of puting an EDF on it) :p
  5. X

    A good fun trainer?

    Heya community of flitetest ! I have a quire which i would love answer'd. "what is a good fun plane". I'm fairly new to the hole flying hobby but am fast learning. My fleet consists of some nine eagles gliders and a stryker (all of which I am pleased to say i'm capable of flying!) but was...