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N Sport - A Tiny Trainer Mod

With plenty of time on my hands, I finished up a tiny trainer mod I thought others might like. I based the design on the the tiny trainer sport wing set-up. I wanted to create a fuselage that looked a little more scale than the original. To finish the airframe, I fashioned a skin for the fuselage mod and for the sport wing. I'm hoping the N Sport will prove to be a fine aileron trainer. Many thanks to FightTest for inspiration and guidance. Here are images of the prototype:

N Sport 2.jpg N Sport 1.jpg N Sport 3.jpg
The fuselage modification, the wing skin, and the fuselage skin are attached as pdfs.



Elite member
Well done!👏👏 That’s a clean build and it brings so much to the TT! That scale cabin is now one of my favorite mods for the plane! I’ve also seen some cool canard designs for the TT.