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tricopter help

  1. Brandon_G

    How to program Tricopter Betaflight

    Hello all. I am planning on building a tricopter soon using some old motors and escs and the advanced f4 fc from getfpv. I have never used beta or cleanflight before and was wondering if anyone could kinda give me an idiots guide for programming it. Thanks!
  2. A

    Tricopter Third Motor Problem

    Hi i just made my first tricopter scratch build and plugged everything in. I messed around with it trying to get it to work but everything except the third motor is working. im running it off a turnigy 9x and kk2 board. Ive tried plugging everything in and out but nothing seems to work pls help
  3. S

    New Tricopter Builder Could Use Some Help (PLEASE)

    Hey guys, I am a total newb to the multirotor community. I have just built my first Tricopter with the following parts 1. Flite Test Tricopter with the tuff tilt 2. Naze32 Acro Control Board 3.Emax Multi Copter Motor Packs with: 2213-935KV Motors 1045 props 4. 20 amp BL Heli esc's 5. Emax...
  4. JMundy

    Help... My tricopter keeps falling out of the sky!!

    I am getting a bit frustrated... my Tricopter keeps falling out of the sky for no apparent reason! After I 1st built the tricopter... I had about 8-10 flights when this happen. I was flying 60-80 ft away in front of my house with my gopro and wifi on. All three motors stopped running and down...