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  1. CarolineTyler

    I think I have the tricopter bug....

    At less than £4 per frame I couldn't resist.....so I bought 2, spares are always useful!!!! :D Caroline
  2. R

    im new....and need advice...in many area's

    just starting out. i have a husban x4. trimming is painful and parts aren't easy. best place to get parts? another couple of things... just got the quanum Trifecta. but i have no idea which controller to use. people advise all sorts. what's best? and finally I've managed to....revive an old...
  3. E

    Quanum Trifecta Frame help

    Hello, I was planning on buying a Trifecta frame from HobbyKing, and was wondering on which would be an ideal setup. I had this setup in mind: Multistar 2209 980 V2 motors (x3) Afro 12A ESC (x3) Carbon 8055 props Naze32 Battery? I had some issues on the battery. Right now I have some 1500mah...