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im new....and need advice...in many area's

just starting out. i have a husban x4. trimming is painful and parts aren't easy. best place to get parts?
another couple of things...
just got the quanum Trifecta. but i have no idea which controller to use. people advise all sorts. what's best?
and finally
I've managed to....revive an old wooden fuselage with an old nitro engine. im in the middle of reviving the engine but im interested in practice. what would be the best way to practice using the wooden fuselage? electric is preferable knowing the nitro engines aren't cheap. owning nitro cars im fully aware.
please help

thanks. [ps im based on the isle of man]


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Tricoptors are not well supported or so I understand

If it were me I would try and get a Naze32 flashed with the tricopter mods David Windestål worked to get developed. I'm not sure how you get that version. His built in Naze32 frame comes with it pre-flashed but i think its available to anyone.

The other one that David W used was the KK 2 board. I think that has good tri-copter support and is good for beginners because you can programming on the board so you might look at that.
KK2 mini would work great if you have never set anything like that up before. I fly my tricopter with an APM 2.6 but that's too big for your frame. I use a kk mini on my quadcopter and it works great.