1. Coleman

    Building a Duster, and my 70%ish NubeTube

    Just finished a small Nube Tube (21" length, 23" wingspan). After losing my last Tube I've been reluctant to go fly but this thing is ready to go so I can't wait much longer. I found tan packing tape for 1$ at Wal-Mart so I used that. I'm using the Suppo 2208/14 motor from my Fogey mounted on...
  2. Coleman

    Nube Tube 2nd attempt and questions

    Just got my 2nd Nube Tube ready to go. Made my first one entirely from Elmer's Foamboard before I knew it was different from DTFB. The first Tube flew great but it seemed a bit heavy at almost 900g. Haven't weighed the the new one yet but I can tell it's lighter. ELMERS FOAMBOARD TUBE You...