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Nube Tube 2nd attempt and questions

Just got my 2nd Nube Tube ready to go. Made my first one entirely from Elmer's Foamboard before I knew it was different from DTFB. The first Tube flew great but it seemed a bit heavy at almost 900g. Haven't weighed the the new one yet but I can tell it's lighter.
You can see the Elmer's tube used one servo to control both ailerons and a 5" wing chord. It was also difficult to attach the wing with the push rods right where the rubber bands needed to go.
DTFB Nube Tube
I'm brand new to flying and the first tube was very fast and a bit intimidating so I'm attempting to slow it down a bit with a 7" wing chord with the front of the wing more rounded. The fuselage and wing are DTFB with the tail being Elmers.
I buried the aileron servos flush in the bottom of the wing to keep them clear of my rubber bands this time...lesson learned. These DTFB ailerons are a little warped hopefully they are straight enough. My rudder came disconnected on my first tube and when i realized it would fly without rudder i decided to just go ahead and make the DTFB tube bank and yank, as i mentioned my skill level is low.
The electronics from the first Tube were used in the second one...Suppo 2217/7, suppo 30a ESC, 2200 mah 30c 3c, both 9x6sf and 9x4.7sf props all on a little "power pod". The battery hung below the nose of the Elmer's Tube and was very exposed (especially on ladings with no landing gear) so I've made room for the battery to fit inside the tube on this one.
1) Do my motor/prop/battery combination seem right? 2) Anyone have tips to make it even slower (assuming the new one isn't slow enough)? 3) Could the motor and esc run off a 1800mah 25c 2c battery? Any help with these questions would be most appreciated.

I hope to maiden the DTFB tube this week sometime and get some video. The Elmer's tube is retired seeing as I cannibalized its parts and on account of it being so heavy. Big Thanks to Experimental Airlines, this plane and your wing are AWESOME.


creator of virtual planes
A 9x6 prop, that 1250KV motor, and a 2S battery should see about 690grams of thrust. I like to aim for a 1:1 power to weight ratio, but you can get away with less thrust than weight of the plane.

I think there are two ways to slow a plane down. One is less weight, and the other is more lift. Either way you're lowering the wing loading. It might be worth trying the lighter battery, but I'm not sure if it's light enough to get too much of a difference. You may be better off keeping the 3S for the extra power.

I think you should embrace the speed. Your plane probably wasn't that fast, it just felt fast because you're new.

I need to make another one of these. It's as easy as building a noob tube, but is only 3 channel (throttle, rudder, elevator). It also has more of a glider feel to it.
It will be floatier for sure....also means it won't handle quite a much wind as prior build....which isn't a problem, just will have to get choosy about where and when you fly.