twin c

  1. Matagami Designs

    Plane 3D Printed F-82 1.0

    Print STLS in general as single wall, 0.4mm thickness, 0.2mm layer height, no top and bottom layers, 0% infill. Print first 2mm as double wall for hoop strength and more surface area for gluing. Fuselage, wing, and spinner STLS must be mirrored to obtain left half except for "Fuselage L5" this...
  2. F

    Help! C twin radial

    We are building a guinea pig and are almost ready to fly. I have a taranis X9D linked to x8r transmitter. One of the engines always starts after the other and when at half power i can tell the late starting engine is spinning at about 1/2 or 3/4 the rpm of the other engine. They are linked...