3D Printed F-82

Plane 3D Printed F-82 1.0

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3D Print Files (STL, G-code, etc.)

Print STLS in general as single wall, 0.4mm thickness, 0.2mm layer height, no top and bottom layers, 0% infill.
Print first 2mm as double wall for hoop strength and more surface area for gluing.

Fuselage, wing, and spinner STLS must be mirrored to obtain left half except for "Fuselage L5" this is a unique part.
Bottom surface of servo mount in Fuselage L5 must be cut out in order to run servo wire.
Fuselage 3 should have 2 bottom layers.

Print "Horizontal L&R" twice as well as "Horizontal Installation Tab"

Print Spinners and Motor Mounts with PETG, 50 % infill and 3 walls/top/bottom layers. 3mm threaded inserts required for spinners & Motor Mount Style A

Optional Wing spar is 8mm x 889mm (35 inches), Aileron/elevator pivot wire is 0.0625 inch (1.5875 mm), Servo linkage wire is 0.039" (1mm)

Use of LW-PLA is recommended where strength is not critical (wingtips, ailerons, empenage, hatch)

Tested with Flite Test 2218B Radial motors, 1300mah 3s & 4s batteries on 10 x 4.5 props. Counter Rotating, prop rotation meets at the top. (Motors/servos/props included in Flite Test Twin C power Pack)

CG is between 2.1 - 2.8 inches ( 53 - 71 mm) from wing leading edge.

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