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twin engine build

  1. EndeavorRC

    Large "C-3" FTFoam scratch-built cargo plane.

    First post in the community! Have been building with FT foam for a while and just now decided to join the forums! For my first post, I'm showing off my own 100% "in-my-head" built Cargo plane utilizing FT Foam I'm dubbing the "C-3". There were no plans (and my only limitation was what I can do...
  2. ergomir

    C-27J Spartan _ Scratchbuild

    Hi guys/gals: I want to show you this plane i made from Scratch, a C-27J Spartan, i hope you like it and find the step by step interesting. Here is the first flight: But before i get to that, this was the process: The plane was made with a full cargo deck free of any obstacle in mind, so...
  3. C

    HELP PLEASE for issues with a TWIN ENGINE BUILD

    Hello all, New to the site, please be kind! I am having throttle issues with my twin engine build. I am doing a foam-build replica of ExperimentalAirlines RC-69 Cargo Dropper. As for the throttle issue, all was working perfectly until now, where one motor has instant throttle response, and the...