1. E

    Doubt About Hitec Aurora 9x

    Hello guys, I didn't found the answer anywhere on the forum or the internet. Is it possible to use an UHF system with Aurora 9x? What is the best option for Long Range Flights using an Aurora 9x transmitter? Thanks everyone
  2. S

    Long Distance Skywalker FPV 3.5Km RT

    Hey folks, I did my first and second FPV flight with my Skywalker 1900 today and I thought i would share the video. The video has most of the details so here you go: You can watch the second flight HERE Today was a little cloudy up high, about 45F, and no wind which is just about right in my...
  3. T

    ExUHF range check mode help

    Hi everyone, I'm just getting into uhf and I bought a ezuhf Jr module with an 8 channel diversity receiver. I have tried to get it into range check mode (after binding and with the rx connected to the computer to show rssi for each antenna) however I'm not sure if I've managed to get it in the...
  4. Vitamin J

    Best of FPV 2013

    My best of FPVing for 2013! Sub for even more in 2014! Copyright free version
  5. D

    UHF in Urban Environments

    So I got the Orangerx openlrs 100mw rx and module a few weeks back. I uploaded the openlrsng firmware sucessfully. They worked perfectly for about 10 flights, until randomly they just stopped communicating. I had no servo control and every time I would plug the battery in the servos would start...
  6. A

    FPv Night flying gone wrong...Reaper by the Reaper

    Here is a video I wanted to share. I was night flying with a friend of mine. I was flying an eflite apprentice and he was flying a crash test hobby deep reaper. Both rigged for FPV. Somehow after chasing him around a bit we managed to meet head on, needless to say I got reaped by the...