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ExUHF range check mode help

Hi everyone, I'm just getting into uhf and I bought a ezuhf Jr module with an 8 channel diversity receiver. I have tried to get it into range check mode (after binding and with the rx connected to the computer to show rssi for each antenna) however I'm not sure if I've managed to get it in the range check mode. I have done as described (switch power mode to low from high whilst pressing the bind button). Should there be a beep or anything like that to indicate range mode?

Thanks for any help!


Junior Member
I don't have this one (have Chainlink LRS, and mine faintly beeps in low range test mode), but the manual of your EzUHF states this:
The transmitter does include a range-test feature, which drops power to approx. 13dBm (20mW).
To access this mode, switch from High to Low power mode with the bind pushbutton pressed.
So it's from high to low and not low to high as you stated, maybe that's the problem.
would say: TX off - HI power - push bind - tx on - switch to LO and you should be in range test mode.