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umx radian

  1. M

    Help! What am I looking at here Jarvis?

    0-100% throttle. I have been scratching my beard on this for weeks. 0 issues when powered by a battery but when I try to use a single battery I get this. The only thing I've been told is "it's obviously emf from the motor" I'm basically emulating the stock fpv radian, the only exception is that...
  2. cloudseeder

    <FAILED> I’m going to put ailerons on my UMX Radian (micro)

    I’m going to put ailerons on my UMX Radian (micro). Here’s the deal: I want to connect a new servo and wires to control ailerons (servo arms counter rotating the wires). Wires will have to bend around at least a few pivots before reaching the horn. I will order new foam wing and cut ailerons...
  3. cloudseeder

    Why Autopilot takeover???

    Finally got my first RC aircraft working, UMX Radian with Spektrum 6e transmitter. UNLESS I am currently moving a transmitter stick (throttle, rudder, elevator), the plane seems to default to “Autopilot to 100 feet (or so), and fly in circles over my head like an eagle before diving on prey”...
  4. cloudseeder

    UMX Radian won’t bind throttle

    First RC plane, ever. I got the UMX Radian <BNF> from Eflite, (because I knew I would crash so I went for a cheap starter)... also, as far a I know, the AS3X receiver helps a lot with corrective stabilization. I plan to upgrade planes when I learn to pilot basic RC, so I got Spektrum 6e DSMX...
  5. W

    Questions on Broken Servos - UMX Radian

    So my umx radian just ate some turf (attempted inverted flight may or may not have been responsible for said turf-eating, but regardless...) and the only thing that seems to not be working after a full throttle nosedive is the servos on the motherboard. No input from the controller will move...
  6. C

    UMX Radian is here!!!

    I am quite excited, the Radian arrived while I was home at lunch. I put it together and tested binding. It all looks good. After a lot of recent success with my Duet I am quite excited to fly the Radian.