1. red 330lx.jpg

    red 330lx.jpg

    my 107" extra 330lx
  2. red 330lx 2.jpg

    red 330lx 2.jpg

    usa 107" extra 330lx
  3. rcwingman

    Cheapest Shipping international letter with tracking number from US to Sweden

    Hello, What are the prices for a 100g international letter including trackingnumber from US to Sweden? Size should be 20x15x2cm. Anybody knows that? From Sweden to US its 5,60 Euro for priority mail including tracking number
  4. fsmultirotors

    Made In USA Aluminum Quadcopter Frames

    The video above is a comparison between our aluminum frame and a G10 counter part. It tests things like strength, weight, and overall durability. The idea came about after we got tired of buying knockoff G10 frames online, each time we crashed hard we pretty much needed a new frame. So I had an...
  5. F

    Foam Board (Readi-Board) for those living outside the USA (US citizens pls read too)

    This is partially in response to the speed-build kits: I've wanted to build scratch-build several airframes, especially the FT swappables. I have bought foam-board (quite similar in dimensions to the readi-boards), but at 60+ euros for 10 sheets, it's quite expensive (I haven't started making...