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versacopter v2

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    Versacopter v2 problems please help!

    hi i'm new to drones entirely and i don't know what i'm doing wrong i have the exact same gear as the video of how to build a versacopter v2(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhfh26gfp-Y) my problem is that my motors aren't spinning at the same time. and sometimes one mortor dose not even spin at...
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    Graupner MZ-12 Bind/Unbind? Problem!

    Hello, I am building the Versacopter v2 using the Graupner MZ-12 combo with the GR-12L. I am aware that they came factory bound but this being my first quad build i was eventually going to run into problems. As i was going through the RF settings i scrolled down to "RX bind" and pressed the...
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    GR18 and MZ-12 Reset?

    So I put together my Versacopter V2 and I think I messed up during the Calibrations and radio setup I and would like to redo it but I don't know how to reset the Gr18 and Mz-12. My problem it that the motors keep beeping nonstop and its not the startup beeping I have know Idea why and I can't...
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    I need help with my new Versacopter V2 Naze32 rev 6 RPM trouble

    So this is my first Quadcopter build though I have built and flown planes for years. I built the new Versacopter V2 while watching the build video and the Naze32 video from flitetest. I calibrated everything per the video and flitetest tech support. When I have it hooked up to cleanflight (no...