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I need help with my new Versacopter V2 Naze32 rev 6 RPM trouble


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So this is my first Quadcopter build though I have built and flown planes for years. I built the new Versacopter V2 while watching the build video and the Naze32 video from flitetest. I calibrated everything per the video and flitetest tech support. When I have it hooked up to cleanflight (no props) in the motors tab so I can watch the speed, arm it and the motor come up to minimum speed roughly 1075. With just two clicks of throttle, motor (in position) #3 runs up to nearly 1800. I have tried to swap motors with same result and swapped ESCs with same result which leads me to think it is in the NAZE32 board or my radio. If I simply arm it and pick up the versacopter and move it around, the correct motor speeds up and then slows back down. Also if I move the right stick the correct motor speeds up and slows down as it should. It is only when I give it throttle of any amount that motor position #3 "runs away". The radio I am using is a Futaba T9CAP with the Spektrum module and an AR7010 receiver, so I set everything up for Spektrum. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I really want to fly this thing!!

In case anyone else is having this problem... I fixed it. I ordered a new NAZE32 board and flashed it with Baseflight. It still won't fly stable in horizon mode when flashed with Cleanflight so I'm sticking with Baseflight and it flies GREAT!!!
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