1. Snarls

    Battling the Jello Monster (Quantitative Vibration Analysis)

    In my ever-present battle against the infamous jello monster I've decided to drop the guess-and-check approach for a more quantitative analysis of my enemy. My quest against vibrations stems way back to my first multirotor, and has haunted me up to this point. Miniquads with an action cam have...
  2. L

    Can you mount a FC upsidedown?

    I'm building a tricopter with a vibration dampened top plate. I'd like my flight controller to be on the vibration dampened plate but I also would like it to have some protection so I'm thinking of mounting it on the underside of the plate rather than the top. Anyone have any experience with...
  3. Snarls

    Vibration Dampening Methods - Share Yours

    So far vibration dampening has been the number one enemy for me in this hobby. I have built quads that fly amazing (to me at least), but the part that always gets me is when it's time to isolate the camera from vibrations. I want to know what others are using as DIY vibration dampeners. I have...
  4. R

    Tool for reducing vibrations ?

    Hello all, As a new member on i have started my winter project, i am gonna build a V shaped quad copter with two back rotors on 40 degrees. I do al lot off research and looking at lots of information on all kind of forums. I saw that vibrations ar bad for your drone and there...
  5. kenc3dan

    Electrohub cheap super simple vibration dampener

    Sorry I don't have time to explain in greater detail, I'll let the pictures do the talking. All it requires is: -Machine screw, 3mm or 4mm or 1/8" -Matching washer, outside diameter about 12mm, 10mm is too small -Matching lock nut, serrated or nylon -Matching spacer, nylon or aluminum, cut to...
  6. N

    Anti-Vibration mount for APM

    Hi Guys, as some of you may have seen on my other thread regarding ESC placement, I have a Hex controlled by an APM2.6. I did a lot of research and realised through research that flight controllers (maybe particularly the APM) are very susceptible to vibrations from in the frame. Either you can...
  7. K

    My Motor+Prop Combo Blancing with vibration meter in depth Video GUARANTEED RESULTS

    I've made an in depth video on how to balance motors and props and the combination of motors and props. Take a look let me know what you think. Motor+prop Combination balancing Video Prop Balancing Video Motor Balancing Video