Tool for reducing vibrations ?


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Hello all,

As a new member on i have started my winter project, i am gonna build a V shaped quad copter with two back rotors on 40 degrees.

I do al lot off research and looking at lots of information on all kind of forums.

I saw that vibrations ar bad for your drone and there are more way's then one to reduce them, some use rubber stands, some use rubber layers and some use ty raps around the motors, now i had this great idea maybe someone can or will use this to see how much vibration there drone has.

i have the aplication from the playstore and its called: vibration monitoring.
check and try to out see what i mean.

it measures all kinds of vibrations when you lay the smartphone on a surface.
My idea was to lay it on the arms of a drone and see if you can reduce your vibrations with it ?
Sure gonna try on mine later on in winter.
Hopefully i can give also some good tips later on during my project.

Ron, the Netherlands