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  1. zippity_doogah

    I got shot down while shooting video of an event.

    Yep. I can't believe I missed the gong as I was trying to correct myself.
  2. D

    New guy here!!! Hi!

    Hey everyone! The name is Mike, I am a Data Architect / Developer from the Philadelphia, Pa area. I am pursuing a career in professional aerial photography and videography. Flying and building machines has always been a hobby for me, now I am trying to take things to new "heights", :D. I look...
  3. S

    Better Build than a DJI Phantom?

    Hi all, A little while ago, I build my first fpv mini quad. After learning to fly, I found that I loved strapping a GoPro on and filming with my qav250 more than flying around and doing acrobatics. Now I am interested in building a mid-sized quad or hex capable of flying a gimbal with a GoPro...
  4. L

    Simple GoPro Glider Solution

    So I've been looking for an inexpensive alternative to drones for arial GoPro videography. I primarily make cliff jumping videos and I thought it would be cool to get a shot by mounting a GoPro to the bottom of a glider-type foam plane and throwing it off a cliff above someone jumping. Ideally...