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Simple GoPro Glider Solution


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So I've been looking for an inexpensive alternative to drones for arial GoPro videography. I primarily make cliff jumping videos and I thought it would be cool to get a shot by mounting a GoPro to the bottom of a glider-type foam plane and throwing it off a cliff above someone jumping. Ideally, whatever I come up with would be inexpensive to build, glide relatively slowly, and have enough lift to support a 7 oz camera, in order to achieve a drone-like shot looking either directly down, or angled down and forwards.

Does anyone know of similar projects that have already been attempted? Or can anyone refer me to some tutorials on how to build my own / purchase a glider capable of something like this? Any and all responses are greatly appreciated!


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I tried strapping a Mobius to my Filip V today. There was some loss of performance, but not very much. It still goes crazy fast in a shallow dive and glides ok. That would put most 1.5 m sailplanes in range. If you absolutely have to use a Gopro, you'll need about at least a 2 m wingspan. I'd recommend looking at the Hobbyking "Big E-Fair" as a low-cost starting point. The FPV Raptor is another nice one, plug and play for about $130, but it has a higher wingloading and requires some skill to pilot (I've got some stick time one one, both FPV and visual). It's nice to have the prop out of the way of the camera, though, and the plane is quite rugged.
My Bixler2 doesn't have any issues flying with a go-pro and practically floats with flaps extended.

$69.00 for an ARF...just add ESC, Receiver and Battery...that gets you in the air for ~$120.


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Thought I'd just drop back in and add a link to this video I made yesterday of some goofing around with my glider. Gives you an idea of what's possible with a Mobius and a good glider...

crazy speed envelope and glide not available in foam aircraft.