1. FLL-flyer

    For a newbie, which videos must I absolutely watch before building?

    Hey folks, Just got a Storch last week, and still sitting in the box waiting to be built. Partly due to lack of time (business owner and 2 kids at home), lack of all tools required, and the good old "paralysis analysis". I see there's tons of videos just on gluing foam with hot glue. Yikes...
  2. P

    Suggestions for Show / Build Models

    Here are some suggestions for new FT models / Show builds - C-130 Lets face it, who wouldn't want one of these in their collection. Any Canard type, couple of samples here - Better still... Make it a 'Swapable' (glider & powered) And this is just as much a 'challenge' to the guys as it is...
  3. Prof_Lawry

    Analytics/Demographics of FT viewers

    As a lover of data, I would like to see an episode discussing web analytics of FT viewers, particularly viewer age. This is important because the RC aviation hobby must attract a young audience to continue strong into the future. For example, on my own technical non-flight (CAD) videos, YouTube...
  4. Snarls

    Velocirotor - FPV and Aerial Videos by Snarls

    Hello everyone, I am excited to announce the launch of my new Youtube channel - Velocirotor! The concept of making and sharing aerial videos is what got me into the hobby and now I finally feel ready to start producing my own videos. Most of my videos will be freestyle FPV at various locations...
  5. P

    Naze32 Video 'How to' Series now on YouTube

    Hey, Just a quick note to let you know that my latest flight controller series about the Naze32 is now available on the Painless360 YouTube channel - In the video series we have videos that cover initial setup, advanced...
  6. F

    DJI F450 | Showcase in 2K!

    A recent build and sunny weather in Autumn for south east England meant a video was possible. Enjoy and turn up the volume... its a nice tune! MultiRotor Videography UK.
  7. T

    Nice use of a Quad Copter to video dolphins and whales

    One of my co-workers just posted this link to one of our internal mailing lists. It's a fine example of a productive use of 'drones' or 'UAVs' to observe things that would normally not be...
  8. X new website where you can share and vote lots of FPV videos!

    Hi guys! My name is Claudio, I'm from Italy and last week I created a new website about FPV Videos. It's called and, as the name suggests, it's a website where you can share your FPV Videos and get votes on it (and obviously you can vote all the others). Sharing a video is really...
  9. T-Richard

    Newbie, pioneer flights pics and videos

    Hi guys, Wanted to share a few of my first flights. Just got into the hobby maybe 2 months ago, love the scratchbuilding. I built an ft Nutball first. I was excited to see it fly but it was pretty awful, looks great in pictures but flew poorly and broke pretty quickly. I moved on to a delta...
  10. MidwestRob

    QAV400 Quadcopter Videos

    I recently finished my latest FPV multirotor build using the QAV400 quadcopter frame. It does an excellent job isolating the vibrations from the video. I'm also using an OpenPilot CC3D flight controller for the first time and so far I'm very impressed with how it handles. The QAV400 and CC3D...
  11. M

    FPV compilation

    Hi guys if you love FPV as much as I do check this one out and make sure you post your great videos too.
  12. wingspan100

    OFFICIAL Video Collection Thread

    Over time, I will be adding videos to this thread. These flying videos can also be seen on our YouTube channel.
  13. M

    Fans of Flite Test

    Are you a fan of Flite Test and want to meet other fans? Connect with fans of the show at My RC Hobby Zone. Amazing social connections, all your favorite flite test videos, photos, blogs and a community of RC hobbyist just like you sharing their knowledge and expertise. Connect today using...