1. Dr. Looping Looie

    COPPERHEAD - 1930s style 3D printed plane

    Two years ago, I made the Start UP!, a 3D printable airplane that was originally intendet as a trainer. But in my opinion, it was a failiure. The flight characteristics were not good enough, it was always on the edge of a stall when in a low speed turn and it had the worst stall characteristics...
  2. Battery800

    Help! Anyone seen something like this?

    today, I got a flyzone ultrix, that I think is a vintage. I think it charges off this platform that it’s on but nothing seems to be happening. If anyone know how these work or have one, please send me some tips and picture of the inside.
  3. Philip02

    Tips for a 20+ yr old Giles G-202 build

    Hey guys, new to the forums here. I am in the process of building a Great Planes Giles G-202 that sat in its box for over 20 years in the shop. This is my first balsa build, which was a little scary at first, but everything seems to be going well so far, even with the warped boards. The whole...
  4. DSC_0035 (1).JPG

    DSC_0035 (1).JPG

    AzteX , reworked 30´s racer
  5. Tug_Flyer

    Jetco Navigator

    Hi guys, I have been putting bits and pieces on Flite Test Fans but I figured I would put it all in one place so that I can update it as I go along. First I need to thank John Brown at Brownie’s Hobbies on Staten Island for willing to part with this kit and second for keeping the Mom and Pop...
  6. TooJung2Die

    Contest Commercial - Old Timer Rubber Free Flight to RC Conversion

    Odd name for an airplane. It's a 1930's era rubber powered design. Project #5 in "Air Youth of America" organization of the same period. I got it from Penn Valley Hobby Center. They closed their store after 50+ years in business. They were selling their remaining stock on eBay. It was a...
  7. J

    Great plans web site and books/magazines.

    Hi , I have been having great fun finding all my old plane plans on as well as uploading and downloading scanned mags and books from I hope you all might enjoy this as much as me. For any Melbourne flyers, I just grabbed some great RC books...