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voltage alarm

  1. R

    remote Battery alarm question\idea

    for setups without an osd.. would it be possible to wire the low voltage alarm speaker to your VTX audio to have it make noise at your ground station?
  2. tjmartin

    Voltage alarm setup for Lipo batteries in series

    I am currently wrapping up a new quad build where the ESC's will be for 3-8S Lipo batteries. It's easy enough to connect to 3S or 4S batteries in series to accomplish this. How do I connect two Lipo batteries in series to a voltage alarm? Do the balance plugs get put on side by side or is there...
  3. R

    Mini KK Buzzer Alarm Set Up

    I know it might be a dumb question, but I can't find any videos or posts on how to set up the voltage alarm for the HK mini kk board. I'm a little confused on how it should be hooked up since the voltage readout plug only has a positive pin. Should the positive termanal of the battery go to that...
  4. C

    Voltage Alarm settings

    I'm using a kk2.1 board and would like to utilize the low voltage alarm. I'm running 11.2v 2200mah batteries and am looking for alarm threshold setting recommendations. Thx Joe