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  1. Jonny Gum

    Wanted: Realflight for my Mom to Learn to Fly

    If anyone has an old realflight that they don't use much, I'd love to buy it. Preferably something like 7.5 or above, not the really really old ones. My mom has been wanting to learn how to fly, but my realflight (7.5) moves around with me. If possible, I'd like to buy a 7.5 so that we can do...
  2. M

    UMX Electronics Wanted

    I am looking for working UMX electronics including receivers, servos, and motors. Loose, or still in a plane. Brushless and brushed motors. I'm in Southern California. Flexible with shipping.
  3. zippity_doogah

    WANTED - Furibee x140 and more.

    Looking for a furibee x140 or a leader 120, and a FrSky or Flysky transmitter/receiver. Also looking for a new vtx and a runcam micro split.
  4. D

    Ft Planes Wanted

    Hello I was wondering if anyone had any Ft Planes that don’t have electronics in them or if you have a speed build kit you haven’t gotten around to build. Preferably with electronics but it doesn’t really matter if they don’t have electronics. Will pay for shipping. I’m in the United States...
  5. C

    FPV Goggles Wanted

    I am in Ottawa, Canada and do not have a big budget. Looking for a good set of FPV goggles to go with my versacopter v2 build. I'm open to any type of goggles. PM if you have one to sell.
  6. J

    wanted Busted/broken Tunigy9x or similar

    Im looking for broken/used 9x or as similar as possible. i need some of the parts that are inside and i can't find anywhere where they sell parts. Im willing to pay for the shipping and some for the 9x preferably in the states.
  7. J

    Any thing crashed (cheap junk) under 100

    Just anything crashed that you dont want to repair, i live in boston but shipping will be 50/50
  8. F

    Wanted: Used FPV Gear

    I've been flying for a while now on 2 versas and a bloody wonder, but I now want to get into FPV. If anyone has used fatsharks because they are upgrading, I am very interested. I want a simple setup without a large basestation. Please message if you have any thing you would sell.
  9. C

    Wanted: 1 Powerpod & Firewall

    Hey guys, I would like a power pod with the firewall, just one, so if any of you have an extra power pod after buying a few kits, just reply to this thread. Will pay shipping. Thank you very much! ~Sean
  10. T

    Need all used parts!

    I am just getting into building and i need some cheap parts. Motors, ESCs, servos, ect. Or if you have any crashed planes that you won't repair i'll buy those too. Basically I just want your junk! Thanks
  11. tw-ryder

    On the market for some things, maybe you'd like to assist us?

    Happy Monday! Office life has me down, and I can't stop thinking of flying. So I though I might spend my lunch window-shopping for my RC fix, and put a call out to the FT community to see if you can assist. My fiancée and I are just getting (back) into RC, and have a few models now. Being...