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FPV Goggles Wanted

I am in Ottawa, Canada and do not have a big budget. Looking for a good set of FPV goggles to go with my versacopter v2 build. I'm open to any type of goggles. PM if you have one to sell.


Biplane Guy
Not got any to sell but have you looked at the Quanum Cyclops on Hobbyking? The last time I checked they were about $50-$60 US new, and everyone seems to like them.
I have looked at the Quanum Cyclops but they will take a couple of months to get to me but i need to get them soon. Thanks for the suggestion and quick response.


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
Andre's up there in your neck of the woods. With all the reviews he does maybe has has something to either sell or at leasr recommend.