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On the market for some things, maybe you'd like to assist us?


Well Grounded
Happy Monday! Office life has me down, and I can't stop thinking of flying. So I though I might spend my lunch window-shopping for my RC fix, and put a call out to the FT community to see if you can assist.

My fiancée and I are just getting (back) into RC, and have a few models now. Being military, carrying models, spares, and tools around the world proved impossible, so I had to give up the hobby until now. But as you know, once you pick up the transmitter you're back! Well, the addiction, at least...

Our models get a lot of responsible use, no major Hooning, but we're gonna need spares. And upgrades! Out of the box the models are ok, but with some parts they can be YOURS! For our fix(es), we picked up a Losi Mini 8ight, and followed with an E-Flite Apprentice S 15E, and a clone T-Rex 450. Great platforms for experienced owners, and also for those new into RC, like my fiancee. Here are the things we're hoping you could help us out with:

4-Way Lipo Balancing Charger (lol, or 4 small lipo chargers)

Turnigy 9X Tx and Rx (FrSky DIY kit too)

Turnigy GTX3/FlySky GT3 Tx

Any Mini 8ight parts you're interested in selling

Metal head and spare parts for 450 V2 Clone Heli

Flight Box w/ Cradle

5.8Ghz FPV Tx/Rx/Camera

Any help would be appreciated. We're not looking to rip anyone off, just save some money in building up the parts and supplies we need to be more active in RC. Perhaps we could help you by clearing out some space in your garage? Maybe I could convince you that no, you don't need that 9x, just go back to the stock radio... (waves hand)

Thanks for reading this book, please let me know via PM if you're interested.
~Will and Tracy
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Turnigy 9X with FrSky DJT & D8R-II Plus R

I have a 9x available...

TX (will sell all 3 for $175)
Turnigy 9X 2.4GHz Radio with FrSky DJT & D8R-II Plus R, New $229, will sell for $150

D8R-XP 2-way Telemetry Receiver, firmware already upgraded to allow full CPPM use, New $32, will sell for $25

Battery Voltage Sensor (will give it to you for free)

Check out my other stuff if you'd like