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  1. Almighty_Chonk

    Help! V - 2nd R/C plane

    Hello Everybody, My name is Vunal, and I am in 6th grade, 12 years old. This is my first forum post. I followed Mr. Josh Bixler and built his FT scout. I got it to fly about 50 feet before the plane nosedived. I think the plane was pretty nose-heavy, so its remarkable it actuary took off. Any...
  2. The Hangar

    Plane F7F Tigercat V1.0

    I started the Tigercat as a project for the design engagement challenge where the goal was to create a simple boxy plane similar to how FT planes were made previously to the MS planes. I took inspiration from David Windestal's fantastic Spitifre. Sure, it wasn't the most scale plane out there...
  3. SquirrelTail

    Plane Twin Fuse Mig-3 aka the Mig-6 V1.2

    It is dead simple. Build it how it goes together in the video and the rest is self explanatory. Note, I have yet to build one from these plans, and all the credit goes to FT for the originals. And please don't hate me for 2 different plan styles being combined lol
  4. GrizWiz

    Mini MS BF-109F

    Plans Have Been FINISHED!!! Goes together quite easily! You can put servos in the wing for better access or in the fuselage because there is LOADS of space!!! The nose hatch will be updated sometime later to be 4 different pieces so you don't have to cut the skins according to formers yourself...
  5. GrizWiz

    Mighty Mini Messerschmitt BF-109 Build Thread

    I started designing the BF 109 a week ago and started the first prototype! It take 1 sheet of dtfb and a sheet of poster board. It was based off of the mighty Mini mustang but has a more master series looking nose! The plans have been posted under resources and are available full or tiled!😉
  6. GrizWiz

    Mighty Mini Messerschmitt BF 109

    GrizWiz submitted a new resource: Mighty Mini Messerschmitt BF 109 - 24'' wingspan & Mini power Pod Read more about this resource...
  7. GrizWiz

    Beta: Hawker Typhoon design

    Just started working on a new WarBird design the Hawker Typhoon!!! I tried to use a few different techniques including: using no poster board, molded fuselage, NerdNic speed wing, and formers. Some history on the Typhoon: The Hawker Typhoon (Tiffy in RAF slang) is a British single-seat...