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F7F Tigercat

Plane F7F Tigercat V1.0

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I started the Tigercat as a project for the design engagement challenge where the goal was to create a simple boxy plane similar to how FT planes were made previously to the MS planes. I took inspiration from David Windestal's fantastic Spitifre. Sure, it wasn't the most scale plane out there, but boy, does it ever fly amazing! I still have mine that I made in May 2019 and it still flies fantastic and is one of my favorites! The goal with the F7F was to make a simple boxy plane that flew fantastic, even if it's not perfectly scale. I must say that from the first launch on the maiden, I've been blown away by the flight characteristic of the F7F. I've been flying mine off a B twin pack, and while it's not particularly fast on that setup it's still a ton of fun. When you back off the throttle, it slows to a crawl while still being very controllable. I even let a beginner with only one previous flight take full control, and he flew it without any issues and even landed it after several minutes! The Tigercat makes a fantastic plane for both beginner and expert pilots alike, and anyone can have a blast flying it around!

Tigercat pic.JPG

(photo credit: @FoamyDM )

Twin B or C pack
9x6 - 10x5 props
2200 - 5000 mah 3s
3 - 4 9g servos
4-6 ch transmitter and reciever
5 sheets of foamboard
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