Mighty Mini Messerschmitt BF-109 Build Thread

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I started designing the BF 109 a week ago and started the first prototype! It take 1 sheet of dtfb and a sheet of poster board.
It was based off of the mighty Mini mustang but has a more master series looking nose!
The plans have been posted under resources and are available full or tiled!😉


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here are the plans:
Full size plans include updated battery hatch
*Please note that the tiled plans do not yet have the updated battery hatch*

The canopy is able to be cut from a clear plastic bottle.
The extra details in poster board can be glued on.


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Here's a bunch of pictures!!

Build instructions coming later today!!!🙂😉


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I would love some one to do testing with If you would like to help!!🙂😁
Just tried a new way of making a canopy,
I printed out the paper details then cut them out and used clear packing tape to seal and create the clear windows and it seems to work!!


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The first version which is with the blue poster board has the version 1 fusalage
Caused the rear turtle deck to bulge out on the sides because made the fusalage in the back stick up to much. This mistake has been fixed in the plans.

For the updated turtle deck all I changed was a bevel on the front to line up with the nose. If you printed the tiled version you will need to measure 1/2 inch from each side of the battery hatch then draw a line the farthest edge of the first former. This is were you will bevel.
I will be updating the tiled plans soon!😉

Another thing that needs fixing is the rudder, it will not be able to slide in all the way, to fix this all you need to do is trim the bottom cover so it is able to line up.🙂


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Here is the build instructions

First you want to glue the fusalage at a right angle on both sides.
Fold the paper flaps on the front then glue them in.

The next step is to glue the bottom peice onto the fusalage.

Next you will glue the bottom sheeting for the back of the fusalage onto the fusalage.

Next you will bevel the tail surfaces. Then glue them on following the flite test mighty mini p51 build video.

Insert the rudder and elevator servos now following the mighty mini p51 build video.

After finishing the tail you will glue in the former in the picture.

The turtle deck assembly:

Glue all of the formers in place
The former with the longest tab goes in front, the others go after that.
Glue the back fold onto the top of the battery hatch.
Bevel the battery hatch where it shows on the plans
After apply the poster board like it shows in the flite test mighty mini p51 build video.
Also apply the rear poster board also by following the video.

The nose you will need to peal the paper off of the back then glue together the rest
After glueing the rest of the nose trim the rest flush with the first flap.

Insert the nose brace without the hole on the bottom of the nose then mold the rest of the nose to it.
After it is able to hold it's shape glue it in.


The next step is crucial
You need to insert the power pod into the nose, then mark to top onto the nose
Remove the power pod then get the nose brace with the hole and glue it in.
You must make sure that the power pod still fits.
This is what the nose of the plane should look like this with the power pod in.

To hold the power pod in just stick two bbq sticks and trim them.

The wing assembly is easy just follow the flite test mighty mini p51 build video completely.

For the canopy I just cut the paper details then laminated it. Then fold and glue it together.

Then glue everything together


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This is cool! It's going on my list. I loved my old mini mustang and my current mini mustang build is getting modded to be a "razorback" model like my P47 because I prefer it aesthetically to the bubbletops. This would be a good companion to it as I also like the look of the BF109s. I couldn't tell you if it's Friedrich or Kurfurst without looking it up, but I can pick out a BF109 from a Buchon if its the variant with the big scoop and I know the earlies (does that end at Emil?) had a 'stepped' nose with a smaller spinner and one or more of the later models had a longer intake on the supercharger :unsure:

How about a BF109Z? I could pick that one out of a lineup :LOL: and the variant they made for high altitude operations with the big wings too.


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Great idea!
I when I was first looking for inspiration on the forums none of the mini versions had a very scale looking nose so I decided to make the nose using master series techniques.
Also please send a picture of you modded mustang!
I love the mustang too!
I was so happy when the master series kit came out for it !!


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You can also glue the "cowl/front skin" to the power pod, if the cowl is to tight against it. Then when taking powerpod out, the front skin (cowl) follows with it. Then of course, the front skin cant be glued to the fuselage....


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it can be detachable anyway, just that you take both the cowl and powerpod out together as one part.. Push it back against the rest of fuselage, and use scewers.


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What do you use to make the plans for curved/papercraft like parts such as posterboard canopies and turtle decks, and curved foamboard pieces? I've been using trial and error and the occasional bit of math; taking an estimated bend radius, converting it to a circumference, etc.


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For this plane I modified a mini mustang and took the original turtle deck and used formers to get it in the right shape for than canopy I just took a 3veiw and modeled it in inkscape based of the formers.
After you have the first version it is just a matter of testing the modifying the plans to work better!!


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You can also just use plain paper the start the turtle deck and shape it according the formers
Blue tape is you best friend too
To get it into inkscape I will take a photo of it taped to a 11'' by 8.5'' paper then take a photo of it. Once it is in inkscape just scale it the the paper size